W-4 Tax Withholding Calculator

Posted by BAS - 15 July, 2021


Employers should remind employees to check their withholding. Whether a new hire or an ongoing employee, completing Form W-4 properly is important for all members of the workforce.

The IRS offers a Tax Withholding Estimator employees may use to confirm their employers are taking the amount of tax from their paychecks to cover the amount of taxes they owe.

The Tax Withholding Estimator may be accessed by clicking here. 

The results will indicate if an employee should consider submitting a new Form W-4 to change requested tax withholding.

To use the tool, the IRS suggests the following steps:

  1. Gather documents, including a recent pay stub and tax return
  2. Go to the Tax Withholding Estimator and click the blue Tax Withholding Estimator button
  3. Answer the questions and click the blue “Next” button
  4. Review the results

Ensuring proper tax withholding throughout the year helps taxpayers manage the amount of tax due or refund at tax time.

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