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MyEnroll360 can help you attract & retain top talent, engage employees early on, and build trust with employees with our employee benefits management and online HR services.

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A Complete & Flexible New Hire Onboarding Solution!

Seamless onboarding for new hires and any other onboarding process.

Carpentry tools conveying MyEnroll360's onboarding platform is easy configure for building audience-specific onboarding processes
Flexible Setup
Easy, self-service configuration for building audience-specific onboarding processes
The general prohibition sign superimposed on a document to convey MyEnroll360's onboarding platform eliminates paperless with a completely online experience
Go Paperless
Completely online onboarding for all types of content mediums: PDFs, Videos, FAQs & more
A checkmark superimposed on a clipboard to convey MyEnroll360 onboarding platform standardizes new hire onboarding to ensure consistency and compliance
Standardize Content
Standardize your onboarding process and content to ensure consistency and compliance.
The general information symbol superimposed on a document to convey MyEnroll360's onboarding platform presents new hires with their specific benefit plan options
Benefits Information
Present new hires their specific, available benefits and costs even before the begin the enrollment process.
Stacked documents conveying MyEnroll360's onboarding platform supports presenting new hires with employment & tax forms for completion
Employment Forms
Include all your required new hire data and tax-related forms for easy distribution and peace of mind compliance.
Video start button on a computer screen to convey onboarding platform supports presenting new hires with training and information videos
Training Videos
Consolidate your training videos or create easy access to your training tool, so users can return time and again, easily.
Three head & shoulders image conveying the MyEnroll360 onboarding platform can be customized for different employee audiences
Make multiple onboardings where they address different employee classes and/or different locations.
Two gears conveying the MyEnroll360 onboarding platform integrates seamlessly with all other BAS MyEnroll360 applications & services
Seamless Integration
Your onboarding module will be seamless & fully integrated with your entire MyEnroll360 enrollment & administration platform.
Clock conveying that clients can control when the MyEnroll360 onboarding application appears to new hires
Timing Control
Choose to have your onboarding remain accessible after the new hire period or turn it off as each new hire reaches a specific milestone.
Image of a the BAS logo portion of arms hugging to convey you can self-service schedule a call with us to discuss our onboarding solution
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The Leading Onboarding Solution

Here’s how we’ll help your team get started quickly & easily ...
Modern & Mobile Ready
We’ve designed the onboarding presentation to be modern and intuitive! In fact, MyEnroll360 Onboarding is built with the latest mobile adaptive technologies, so your users get the best onboarding experience.
Quick & Easy Setup
You’ll find it remarkably easy to setup and manage your new hire onboarding module. Creating content is as easy as using a word processor!

Even though we think you’ll find setting up onboardings quick & easy, don’t worry, we’ll be right by your side to help you configure and launch your onboardings, quickly.
Unlimited Onboardings
With MyEnroll360 Onboarding, you can set up personalized onboardings by employee benefit class, location, department or other data parameters. Imagine being able to provide a specific, personalized new hire onboarding to each one of your unique employee audiences and build as many audience-specific onboardings as you need at no additional cost! Want to learn more about BAS employee benefits management solutions? Connect with us today!
Prebuilt Features
Prebuilt Onboarding Steps with Customizable Step Titles
Welcome Rich Text (Required for all onboarding processes)
First Day Rich Text w/ embedded Google Map of new hire’s facility
Employment Forms Rich Text w/ links to forms
Handbook Rich Text w/ embedded handbook PDF
Available Benefits       Info Cards, 1 Card per Benefit Plan
Your Team New Hire’s Contacts e.g., team, managers, etc.
FAQs Customizable Questions & Answers
Org. Chart #1 Image of organizational chart
Org. Chart #2 Embedded URL of client’s organization chart
Videos Embedded client videos