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Outsource your Location Premium Billing & Collections
We support billing any kind of expense from any source. We can bill property/casualty & health plan premiums, tax assessments, pension, operating expense and other expenses.
Combined H/W & P/C Location Billing
Regardless of the number of your locations (aka divisions), we can support all your decentralized invoicing needs.
Billing Collection
Our fully integrated billing, collection & remittance service provides lockboxes for those that pay by check, ACH for those that want auto-withdraw, and debit cards for others.
Retiree Premium Billing & Communications
Let our team take over the burden of retiree communications, enrollment, and premium billing & collections.
Incredibly Accurate & On Time.
The MyEnroll360 platform is a unified database solution that ensures a powerful & agile relationship among all you data. That means a single point for all data and that MyEnroll360 can be your system of truth for more accurate and timely premium billing and collections.
Communication is Key
No other administrator offers as quick or easy a solution for incorporating your requirements into its total solution. We can configure everything, so it works just the way you want.
Billing. Right the first time & every time
The best billing process are those that have embedded quality control process to ensure data accuracy. And, they are easily & quickly modifiable to apply your rules and requirements as situations change. Which means the systems do the work for you, accurately - every time.
Any Billing Frequency
We support monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual billing cycles. And, we can even bill individual expenses on different cycles.
Collection Options
We’re super flexible with collection options including: ACH debiting services, lockboxes for payments by check, and credit/debit card payments.

Let our powerful platform work for you, not the other way around.

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