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MyEnroll360 takes dependent eligibility auditing to the cloud, and delivers an efficient, compliant and easy to use experience – for real savings!

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Quick, Easy & Professional Dependent Auditing Services!

Let us help you conduct a dependent audit quickly & easily
Professional ● Accurate ● Efficient

Professional Implementation
Our implementation team is here to get you up and running while staying on budget. We guarantee it!
Broker / Consultant Friendly
We love brokers & consultants and we’ll work closely with yours, so everyone stays in the loop. From implementation, renewals, and throughout the year, we’ll value your important advisors.
Flexible Process
We offer a full-population audit and include planning, communications, documentation collection & processing and reporting to ensure a smooth implementation and dependent audit process.
Better Controls
Our online applications incorporate table-based rules & control to ensure every aspect of the dependent audit process complies with your requirements.
Better Experience
Your employees will find it quick and easy to comply with your documentation requests by using our online upload, fax or mail-in document delivery options.
Better Results
With the extent of MyEnroll360 self-service, automation and BAS support, your dependent audits will be very efficient, timely & accurate.
Quick & Easy to Setup
We can have a Dependent Audit services up and running for you in a few days and often in hours. Our dedicated implementation team will ensure an on-time, complete implementation.
Intuitive & Easy to Use
Your employees will find it quick & easy to comply with your dependent verification requirements. Our online solution is intuitive & easy to use and ensures complete insight into employees’ compliance.
Stellar Support
You’ll find our support teams provide timely, friendly, & knowledgeable support.
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The Leading Dependent Audit Administration Solution

Here’s how we’ll help your team get started quickly & easily ...
Dependent Audit

A dependent eligibility audit is a powerful, inexpensive tool that can help you reduce costs by as much as 10% of your annual medical plan premium without reducing employee benefits. We’ll provide a highly configurable (this means a fast setup) approach to setting up, communicating, managing and closing out your dependent audit – and all blended with your organization’s culture.
You Need This
A well-managed dependent audit will ensure that your benefit plan is only covering eligible dependents. We will tailor your dependent audit to your specific needs and include a customized website, documentation review & validation, application of spouse eligibility rules, toll-free customer service, documentation management, customized reports, and much more!
It’s estimated that 5%—15% of enrolled dependents are ineligible for benefits. The cost savings of removing these ineligible dependents can be significant -- between $2,000—$5,500 per year – thus, potentially, amount to millions of dollars of unnecessary claim expenses.
Reduce Risk
When you eliminate ineligible dependents from your plan, you’ll save on not paying claims you shouldn’t be incurring. This impacts your premiums for both your underlying plan, and if self-insured, your reinsurance premiums.
Your Partner
Though there are a lot of moving parts that comprise a proper dependent audit, we’ve refined our processes to make it easy on you and your team. We’ll guide you through the planning and communication processes. Further, we’ll take care of the heavy lifting of managing the audit web site and collecting, reviewing & managing the dependent verification documents.
Flexible Options
We offer a complete range of audit designs including aggressive, comprehensive audits of an entire employee population requiring specific dependent documentation to a less invasive, affidavit survey based on the honor system, and anything in between.
Professional Through & Through
At every turn, you’ll find out team is experienced, friendly and professional. Whether it’s during the planning phase, execution or closeout phases, you’ll rest assured that we’ll follow your preferences professionally and timely. You’ll find our implementation team will be efficient and set up your audit on time and on budget – guaranteed or we’ll refund your implementation fee. Your employees will find our call center agents fair, efficient and friendly. And, you’ll appreciate the extent of our automation, which ensures timely and accurate processing & service support.
Your Data, Your Documents
Importantly, you own your data. At the conclusion of your audit, we’ll report the results in clear and easy to use formats. If you retain us for your enrollment services, then the dependent audit data and electronic documents will be associated with each employees’ permanent, secure & private MyEnroll360 record that will be easily accessible 24/7.
We’ll do the heavy lifting

Our discovery and implementation processes will be managed by seasoned professionals who will guide you through designing your dependent audit and do all the setup work to ensure a timely and perfectly working solution.
Employee Communication & Support

We’ll develop all the communications needed to announce the program and remind employees to participate. Our support includes a professional call center, so employees will have the human touch to answer their audit questions.
Unified Database for Information

All MyEnroll360 services are supported by a single, unified database. This means all of data & document collection, service support, communications are retained in a single repository to assure data consistency and ease of access.
Documentation Submitted Processing

Typically, clients will task BAS with the responsibility of reviewing employees’ dependent verification documentation and benefit administration. However, we do offer an option for clients to do their own documentation reviews within MyEnroll360.
Results Reporting & Document Destruction

At the conclusion of your dependent audit, BAS will report your audit results and provide you with electronic copies of all the employees’ submitted dependent verification documentation used to assess dependents’ eligibility.
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