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Seamless retiree premium billing services on one platform
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Illustration of a box with an arrow pointing down into it to convey MyEnroll360's fully integrated billing, collection & remittance service
Billing & Collection
Our fully integrated billing, collection & remittance service provides lockboxes for those that pay by check, ACH for those that want auto-withdraw, and debit cards for others.
Illustration of three users to convey MyEnroll360 supports using employee classifications in which you can group retirees who have different benefit plan options and retirement rules
Retiree Classes
Use our retiree classification to set up groups of retirees where each group has its own set of eligibility & enrollment rules and premium billing levels.
Illustration of a stack of dollar bills to convey that MyEnroll360 supports any type of recurring retiree premium and expense billing items
Any Expense
Supports just about any type of recurring expense including but not limited to medical, dental, vision, prescription, & life insurance premiums.
Illustration of calendar to convey that MyEnroll360 supports annual, semi-annual, quarterly & monthly billing frequency options
Billing Frequency
Annual, semi-annual, quarterly & monthly billing frequency options.
Illustration of a checklist to convey that MyEnroll360 offers both online and paper enrollment services
Enrollment Options
Don’t worry about enrollment because we offer both online and paper enrollment as our standard service.
Illustration of a family to convey that MyEnroll360 supports dependent certification and verification processes
Verify Dependents
We support dependent certification and verification processes to help ensure that all dependents are qualified for ongoing benefits.
Illustration of a computer with a checkmark to convey that retirees have 24/7 access to all their personal and billing information within MyEnroll360
Online Accounts
Your retirees will love having 24/7 access to all their personal and billing information. And, its particularly great for all those retirees that travel!
Illustration of a phone to convey that BAS' call center will handle retirees’ enrollment & payment inquiries
Professional Call Center
Win back time and sanity! Our call center will handle retirees’ enrollment & payment inquiries, timely & professionally.
Illustration of a document folder with a pad lock superimposed to convey that all communications sent to retirees will be centralized in MyEnroll360
Document Archive
All communications sent to your retirees will be centralized for your and your retirees’ private and secure access 24/7.
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The Leading Retiree Billing Administration Solution

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We’ll do the heavy lifting

Our seasoned professionals will manage your custom discovery and implementation processes and do all the setup work to ensure a timely & perfectly working implementation.

  • Review & setup of enrollment eligibility & requirements
  • Review& setup of company retiree policies
  • Review & setup data interchange with carriers
  • Review & setup data interchange with your HRIS
  • Review & setup data interchange with your enrollment platform (or use ours)
  • Review & setup billing, collection & remittance requirements  & workflows
A customized solution at turnkey pricing

We’ll design your retiree direct billing solution to meet your specific needs including billing frequencies, invoice design, collection processing, late pay processing and call center support.
Billing Frequency Options

We offer all kinds of retiree premium billing frequencies including: annual, semi-annual, quarterly, & monthly. Choose the frequency that best suits your requirements. 
Invoice Design Options

We offer an array of invoice-design options that can include standard invoice designs, a blend of email and USPS delivery, payment coupon booklets and links to online payments. 
Invoicing Frequency

We offer all kinds of billing options including but not limited to Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly, and Monthly. Choose the frequency that best suits your requirements.
24/7 Online Account Information

All retiree premium billing communications, invoice history (as PDFs), and premium collections are available privately & securely online and associated with retirees’ personal accounts. Retirees will be able to access all their account information 24/7, and your administrators will have access to all this information and more.
We’ll Take Over the Calls
Your retirees will have access to our dedicated call center agents by toll-free telephone number, email, and online self-service ticketing. All these options will off-load 100% of retirees’ inquiries from your team to ours.
Professional Account Support
We’re very proud of our account managers’ support levels and expertise and are confident you’ll find the same. We’ll assign you and your team a direct-access account manager to support your daily administration and annual open enrollments.
It’s important to send timely communications to retirees, but this can be a big task for most HR/benefit departments. Our mass emailing and hard copy printing/mailing services can offload the time and labor of preparing mailings. Our advanced in-house printing & mailing capabilities can provide you with the support needed to communicate quickly and effectively with retirees whether a part of the regular invoicing process or on-demand.
Premium Collection Standards
Our professional, tried-and-tested direct billing premium collection supports retiree payments by check, ACH or online payments. And, for security, if retirees pay by check, we’ll collect these checks via our bank's secure lock box services.
Late Pay Options
Our experience has driven us to create refined retiree premium payment collection process that include managing delinquent premiums. Together, we will draft customized late-pay notices that reflect your group’s approach toward collections.
Insurance Carrier Integration
Our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Application Program Interfaces (API) services will ensure your retirees’ enrollment is updated timely and accurately with your insurance carriers.
Insurance Carrier Premium Reporting
Our direct premium billing solution includes providing you with insurance carrier self-billing reports capturing each month's current and retroactive volume & premiums, so you can fully account for enrollment adjustment activity and pay premiums, accurately.