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Simplify benefits enrollment with a streamlined cloud-based solution. Save time and resources with software that takes care of all administration, compliance, and premium billing tasks.

Reduce costs, save time, and ensure compliance. Get started with MyEnroll360 Enrollment Services today!
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Benefits enrollment, simplified!

Seamless enrollment and benefits administration on one platform
Professional ● Accurate ● Integrated

Professional Implementation
Our implementation team is here to get you up and running while staying on budget. We guarantee it!
Broker / Consultant Friendly
We love brokers & consultants and we’ll work closely with yours, so everyone stays in the loop. From implementation, renewals, and throughout the year, we’ll value your important advisors.
Full BenAdmin Life Cycle
Our services support the entire benefits lifecycle, from hire to retire and beyond. You’ll get employee self-service and administrator control to expedite enrollment and ensure eligibility compliance.
Open Enrollments
We make it so easy to plan and host open enrollments including New Hire, Special, Annual, Mid-year Life Event & Retiree Enrollments.
New Hires
Our New hire welcome email process will ensure everyone is welcomed properly & guided into benefits enrollment. Include important documents with these emails to ensure compliance.
EDI’s & API’s
Our Data Analysts will take care of all Electronic Data Interchanges (EDI) with your carriers, payroll & other 3rd party systems.
Premium Reporting
Our life & disability Insurance self-billing premium reports provide all the current & retroactive premium accounting for you. All you need to do is send it to your carriers with your payment.
Dependent Verification
Our dependent verification solution is fully integrated with all new hire, annual open & mid-year enrollment processes. You’ll be certain that every covered dependent is an eligible dependent.
Employee self-service enrollment will ease the burden on HR making controlled personal data & enrollment changes.
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The Leading Enrollment Administration Solution

Here’s how we’ll help your team get started quickly & easily ...

We do the Heavy Lifting
From the first system demonstration to implementation and production, we’ll manage the entire account setup process for you.

No need to learn a thing. You’ll receive a complete, ready to use system that addresses all of aspects of enrollment & benefits administration for your organization.
Personalized Demo
Contact one of our Senior Account Executives for a complimentary 15-minute discovery call. We’ll ask a few questions, in order to understand your needs and create a personalized system demonstration.

After you experience your first system demonstration, you can decide to dig deeper with additional personalized demonstrations, or get your quote on the spot.
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Quick Quote
Once you’ve connected with one of our Senior Account Executives, we’ll send you a quote within 24 business hours.
Fast & Professional Account Setup
Whether you have 2 or 100,000 employees, the experienced MyEnroll360 implementation team will set you up for success.

The team’s efficient discovery process provides all the information they need for account setup.

Best of all, we’ll do the entire enrollment & benefits administration account setup and testing for you. Just provide us with setup and employee data, we’ll take care of the rest.

Account setup usually only takes a matter of days when there aren’t any carrier or payroll EDI connections. If you require EDI, implementation will be scheduled based on your EDI partners’ schedules.
Have an Insurance Broker or Consultant?
We love working with brokers and consultants so yours can participate with us at any level you wish. They can be at the table for implementation preparations and ongoing sync-up meetings, or be given access to the system to provide support with data management and reporting – you decide what works for you.

If you would like the broker or consultant to take the lead on your behalf, we’re happy to work with them directly.
The Typical Implementation
Clients typically time their implementations to be complete prior to, and dovetail with, their next annual open enrollment period.

If this is what you prefer, we’ll identify the beginning of your open enrollment period and work backwards to set up your implementation project plan.
Unified Database & Table-Based Rules
MyEnroll360 is built on a single database, so all data and operational & transactional rules are built into the database.

With a unified database , clients enjoy the power, security and scalability of the world’s leading database as the foundation of MyEnroll360.

The table-based rules built into MyEnroll360s database allow us to configure your requirements quickly and easily. When rules and requirements change, we can make configuration changes quickly & easily.
Enrollment Wizard
Employees & administrators can now manage fully controlled, online, self-service new hire, mid-year life event, and annual open enrollment.

The Enrollment Wizard includes all of your and your carriers’ enrollment rules to ensure employees and dependents are presented only with their eligible benefits.

It also displays the per-pay cost or per-month employee costs of those plans.

Employees walk through an easy, step-by-step guided process, to share all necessary information.

You have the flexibility to customize instructions of each step, such as the Welcome screen, Medical Plans, and Dental Plans, for a better user experience.
New Hire Communications & Enrollment
Give your new hires a fantastic new hire experience with a controlled, guided on boarding experience.

The MyEnroll360 New Hire Module standardizes and personalizes new hire communications and enrollment to make the process easy, timely, and manageable.

Bonus: Use the Onboarding Module to build on-boarding sequences or any audience, including administrators, teachers, and other groups.
Mid-Year Life Events
Self-service enrollment & management of mid-year life events is now controllable and easy. Set up defined, permissible life events, pend enrollments for review, include dependent verification documentation requirements, and more.
Special Open Enrollments
Employer groups occasionally need to hold a special open enrollment. There may be a mid-year acquisition or change in benefits that necessitates a special open enrollment. Our open enrollment process makes these transitions seamless and simple.
Annual Open Enrollments
Our open enrollment process drastically reduces your HR department’s workload. Choose from passive, semi-passive, or active enrollments.

Our team will take care of all the planning, setup, implementation, and monitoring. We’ll even assist employees with online enrollments. Track everything with online dashboards in the Enrollment Wizard.
MyEnroll360 provide Electronic Data Interchanges (EDIs) and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to transfer enrollment data to insurance carriers and payroll systems.

The MyEnroll360 team will build, send/receive and manage your EDIs on time, every time. Plus, they will manage any fallout from the exchange of data with your carriers and other EDI third-party data trading partners.
Premium Billing Self-Reporting
We know preparing life & disability insurance premium transmittals is tedious and time consuming. Our automated self-reporting system changes all of that.

MyEnroll360 will generate your life & disability premium self-billing reports automatically.

The reports include current month’s and retro months’ premium debits & credits that occurred since your prior month’s report was generated. Print your report, send it to your carrier with payment, and you’re done.
Seamless Dependent Verification
Select this add-on for integrated control that ensures all covered dependents are eligible for coverage.

Our dependent verification process is thorough but easy on employees. When an employee adds a dependent online, MyEnroll360 prompts the employee to upload your-specified verification documents, upload later, or print a personalized, barcoded mail/fax coversheet with instructions for mailing us their documents.

Once we approve or decline eligibility, we release the pending dependent accordingly and MyEnroll360 will assign coverage to the dependents, as elected by the employee.
COBRA Integration
Enjoy the benefits of a fully integrated and supported COBRA administration.

With the MyEnroll360 COBRA module, you’ll get MyEnroll360 team’s support to print & mail your initial rights notices and qualifying event notices, premium billing coupons and much more. All you need to do is add or terminate and employee (or dependent) and we’ll take care of the rest, including re-enrolling them if they choose to take COBRA coverage, terminating them for non-payment, and terminating them.

Plus, all termination and re-enrollment transactions through COBRA will be fully integrated into any carrier EDI/API setup in MyEnroll360.
FSA Enrollment & Management
Support for FSA Enrollment and claims processing is included. Consolidate your FSA administration right into MyEnroll360 with the MyEnroll360 FSA module.

Plus, employees’ FSA/HRA enrollments are fully integrated with the MyEnroll360 claims processing applications.

Our FSA/HRA solutions include:

  • Healthcare FSA’s
  • Dependent Day Care FSAs
  • Health Reimbursement Accounts
  • Weekly claim reimbursements via ACH or Check
  • Debit Card
  • Online claims expense submission
  • Mobile claims expense submission (coming soon)
  • Toll-free participant support
  • Online account balance, claims detail, & payments details
Notes & Notes History
Track every conversation, interaction, and comment file on any employee easily.

This is the same note system MyEnroll360 account managers and call center agents use to track conversations and follow ups. All notes are readily available in Notes History for easy review.
Tasks Manager
Create tasks with ease and stay organized. Link tasks with employees, administrators, or to your own projects for better project management. Set up future alerts to remind you about a task.
Additional Enrollment Features
  • Employee self-service enrollment
  • Controls administrators’ election assignments
  • Configurable Life Event Notification Period Controls
  • Configurable Life Events (Section 125 Permissible Events and Employer-Designated Events)
  • Configurable Life Event rules for each benefit plan
  • Configurable controls for adding and removing dependents
  • Configurable controls for managing domestic partners
  • Configurable rules by employer locations and employee classes
  • Daily Change Reports available online, including history archive
  • Integrates seamlessly with MyEnroll360’s COBRA, EDI and Premium Self-Billing processes
  • Standard 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM Toll-Free Call Center Support. Extended hours available.
  • Third-Party medical plan Decision Tool Integration
  • Online, real-time enrollment summaries & statements
  • Online documents, links & videos library with content segregated by benefit classes
  • Passive, semi-passive and active enrollments
  • Standard opening, mid-point, and ending enrollment period notices/alerts
  • Vanity toll-free call center numbers and call metrics options
Add-On Products & Features
  • New Hire Onboarding
  • Secure Document Filer & Sharing
  • All-Data Extracts
  • General Ledger Updates
  • New Hire Verification
  • Dependent verification
  • Tip-of-the-Day Communicator
  • Medicare Part 'D' Mailing
  • Mass Email Communicator
  • Client-Specific System Help & FAQs Configuration
  • Print/Mail Communication Services