Complete Continuation of Coverage (“COC”) Administration & Billing Software

Everything you need in the cloud for CoC administration & compliance notifications, premium billing and collection, so you can concentrate on your business and leave the rest to us.

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Account Setup
Your choice, go ahead and use our online account setup 24/7 or let our friendly & experience team do it for you. No credit card needed. You can be up and running in as little as 15-minutes.
Broker / Consultant
We love brokers & consultants and we’ll work closely with yours, so everyone stays in the loop. During implementation, renewals, and throughout the year, we’ll value your important advisors.
Full CoC
Life Cycle
Our services support the entire CoC compliance lifecycle including Qualifying Events Notices, Premium Billing, Premium Collection & Enrollment
We offer State Continuation “Mini COBRA” notice and billing services for plans written in numerous states
CoC Qualifying Event Notices (QEN's)
Ensure clear understanding that your CoC is not COBRA but offers a specific level of continuation of coverage. We can even accept data files or API connectivity for high-volume accounts.
Have a lot of new hires and separations to process? We can automate your Qualifying Event Notices processing, printing & mailing.
We send letters by USPS “Proof-of Mailing” so you have evidence of the date the QEN was mailed & the address used.
Open Enrollment
Provide us with your annual open enrollment materials & we'll package them up and deliver them to your CoC Continuants.
Premium Billing
& Collection
You won't have to deal with your CoC Continuants once you initiate the CoC QEN! We'll take care of enrollment, premium billing, premium collection & customer service.
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The Leading CoC Compliance & Administration Solution
Here's how we'll help your team organize all of their Compliance needs in one place...
We do the Heavy Lifting
That's right, we take care of the CoC Qualifying Event Notices' printing, mailing and copy archival.

Also, we'll handle your CoC continuants' premium billing & collections, and provide them with professional customer service. In short, we're your complete CoC outsourcing solution.
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Getting our quote is quick, easy and totally transparent. Speak to one of our knowledgeable salespeople and receive a quote in minutes.
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Fast Account Setup
With our online, 24/7 account setup, your CoC compliance and administration account can be up and ready to use in about 15-minutes. You'll simply provide your company information, benefit plans and rates, and that's it!
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Have an Insurance Broker/Consultant?
We love brokers/consultants, and yours can participate with us at any level you want.

Many of our brokers/consultants perform the account setup for their clients. And, some even share the administration fees.

Your brokers/consultants can contact us at 1.800.945.5513 to discuss becoming a partnership, get a quote, and arrange for a private system demonstration. We'll even give big discounts for blocks of business!
On-Demand Services
It just couldn't be simpler. You’ll separate employees’ CoC Qualifying Event Notices (QENs) in a couple of minutes online 24/7.

Then, we’ll take care of the printing, mailing and delivery tracking. Plus, as soon as your CoC QENs print, a PDF copy will be archived to your new hires and CoC continuants’ online, private & secure accounts for your ongoing access 24/7.
Once your account is setup, we'll invoice you for the annual account fee. Then, as you use services, we'll invoice you for these transactions at the end of each month. Your invoices will include a precise, detailed accounting of all your transactions. And, your invoice and payment history will be available online 24/7, for your convenience.
Benefit Plan Rate Renewals
As part of your account setup, you'll provide your benefit plan premium renewal dates. Then, sixty-days prior to your annual rate renewal, we'll notify you (and your insurance broker/consultant, if any) with a request for your new renewal plans & premiums.  

Right from within the renewal notice, you'll be able to click through to our online premium renewal application to update your CoC premiums. In a matter of minutes, you'll have updated premium and, MyEnroll360 will use this information to send out new billing coupons to your CoC Continuants. 
Qualifying Event Notices (QEN)
Our Department of Labor-modeled QEN is personalized for each one of your new hires. You can initiate these notices in seconds. And, we’ll take care of the printing, mailing and archiving PDF copies to your secure, online account.

Have 5 or more QEN's to send at once? Easy. Just upload your spreadsheet of names & addresses, etc. and we'll take care of the printing, mailing and archiving PDF copies to the employees’ online accounts.

Have lots of employee terminations? Easy. We can work with you to automate receiving and processing your QEN requests for a totally handsfree process.

All QENs, whether manually or auto-file generated, will be saved as PDFs to each continuant’s online account, so you can access them 24/7.
Open Enrollment
Need assistance with open enrollment for you CoC continuants? No problem! We offer an optional service to provide your Continuants an open enrollment packet via First Class USPS mail that includes an instructional letter, enrollment form, updated premium payment coupons, and additional forms, as you require.

We’ll handle the printing and mailing and any changes in their CoC elections, so we can send them updated premium payment coupons.