MyEnroll360 Direct Billing
Automated. Remarkably flexible.

The vision at BAS has never wavered: Transform the direct billing experience by fitting powerful, easy-to-use technology into a powerful, all-in-one platform. MyEnroll360 takes that idea to the next level — giving you amazing premium billing solutions to do what you need.
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Integrated, seamless. Delightfully flexible
So perfect, you’ll be totally impressed.
Available for all kinds of direct premium billing such as Leave of Absence (LOA) & Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). You’ll thoroughly impress your organization with the success or our partnership. Our implementation will be on time & on budget. Our attention to detail & professionalism during implementation & throughout the year will satisfy you to no end. MyEnroll360 and its transactional timeliness & accuracy is unmatched. It’s simply the best direct premium billing solution.
Premium Billed
Bills Sent on Time
Incredibly Accurate & On Time.
There are countless billing solutions out there, but BAS brings you the right one. Its MyEnroll360 platform is a unified database solution that ensures a powerful & agile relationship among all your data. That means a single point for all data and that MyEnroll360 can be your system of truth for more accurate and timely premium billing and collections.
Communicate, Bill,
Collect, Service… Repeat
Communication. The key to smooth
Absence management is tough – there are regulations, emotions, & money all intertwined to make it a tricky requirement to perform smoothly. No other administrator offers as quick or easy a solution for incorporating your requirements into its total solution. We can configure everything, so it works just the way you want.
Communications Content Configuration
Invoice Content Configuration
Online Applications Help Text Configuration
Billing. Right the first time & every time
It seems like billing should be easy, but usually it’s quite involved. The best billing process are those that have embedded quality control process to ensure data accuracy. And, they are easily & quickly modifiable to apply your rules and requirements as situations change. Which means the systems do the work for you, accurately - every time.
Image of a checkmark to show BAS covers all different types of billing Billing for:
Medical plan premiums
Prescription plan premiums
Dental plan premiums
Vision plan premiums
Life insurance plan premiums
Disability insurance plan premiums
…Just about any expense can be billed
Collection. We’ll Show you the money

In the end, it’s all about collecting the money. And, to this end, BAS’ direct premium billing & collections is about presenting clear & concise communications, delivering impeccably accurate invoices, and offering quick & easy remittance options. Put these together and you’ll get paid. Our blend of client-specific communications, insanely accurate invoices, payment options and great customer care will show you the money.
Service. We’ll put a smile on your face
Our team of dedicated benefit plan, technology, service, accounting & management professionals will work incredibly hard to run your direct premium billing program just as you want. It’ll all start with an amazing implementation that will dovetail smoothly into a professionally managed billing solution, day in and day out.
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MyEnroll360 Built for ease-of-use. Tools for getting it done.
MyEnroll360 is the platform that powers everything for a great direct premium billing solution. It lets you do things you rarely can do with other software. That’s because it’s designed from our 30+ years of benefit plan enrollment, administration, compliance and billing. As a Software-as-a-Service, MyEnroll360 will provide you with the latest software versions and there’s nothing you have to maintain or update - the BAS team will take care of all of that.
MyEnroll360 + HRIS, Carriers, & Payroll
MyEnroll360 will work seamlessly with your HRIS, insurance carriers and payroll system because we have the in-house programming and data analyst teams that can quickly make connecting with your and your partners’ systems via APIs and EDI quickly and easily. So, whether you want your systems to feed MyEnroll360 to drive direct premium billing or you want MyEnroll360 to return data to your systems, we’ve got you covered.
Design All-in-one. Powerful.
MyEnroll360 has always been one of the ultimate choices for complete benefit plan enrollment, administration, compliance & billing. A powerful, all-in-one SaaS platform that includes flexible benefits software that puts everything into a great, unified platform.
Packed with capabilities & features.
We know you probably have many types of HR & Benefit plan administration solutions. So, we offer MyEnroll360 direct premium billing as a standalone solution or mixed-and-matched with other onboarding, enrollment, compliance, & billing services -- all within a unified system: MyEnroll360. That’s right, you can have our direct premium billing service with all the power of MyEnroll360 and professionalism of BAS behind you with any single or combined set of services.
You’ll be a star
Nothing feels better than delivering solutions that make your organization better. You’ll impress your team and management with the MyEnroll360 platform because your implementation will occur on time and on budget. And, your employees will appreciate BAS’ professional and on-time support – they just won’t need to contact you about their direct premium billing responsibilities because we’ll have them covered with great customer care support.
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