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Complete, Worry-free Location Premium & Expense Billing!

Seamless billing & collection on one platform
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Unlimited Locations
Regardless of the number of your locations (aka divisions), we can support all your decentralized invoicing needs.
Unlimited Expense Types
We support billing any kind of expense from any source. We can bill property/casualty & health plan premiums, tax assessments, pension, operating expense and other expense.
Any Billing Frequency
We support monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual billing cycles. And, we can even bill individual expenses on different cycles.
Real-time Reporting
You’ll be in the know with our real-time management and accounting reports, so you’ll have all the details about billing, receivables, collections and more.
Our management dashboards will provide you with real-time snapshots of important billing and collection metrics. And, you’ll be able to export the data into Excel® and CSV files.
Receivables Management
Ultimately, location billing is about delivering accurate invoices to your locations’, so they have no excuses to pay as billed. Our real-time, aged-account receivables reports will keep you in the know.
Collection Options
We’re super flexible with collection options including: ACH debiting services, lockboxes for payments by check, and credit/debit card payments.
Online Account History
You’ll have easy & secure access to your locations’ billing and collection data, invoice PDFs, and accounts’ notes histories, so you’ll always have the most up-to-date picture for each location.
Customer Service
Win back your day and let our customer service team support your locations. We’ll answer their billing & payment questions and support their use of their MyEnroll360 online accounts.
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The Leading Location Premium & Expense Billing Solution

You’ll reap the benefits of a timely, accurate & feature rich insurance billing solutions.
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We’ll do the heavy lifting
Our seasoned professionals will manage your custom discovery and implementation processes and do all the setup work to ensure a timely & perfectly working implementation.

  • Enrollment assistance and materials.
  • Complete review of company location billing.
  • Complete management of plan eligibility.
  • Seamless coordination with insurance carriers.
A customized solution at turnkey pricing

We’ll design your billing solution to meet your specific needs including billing frequencies, invoice design, collection processing, late pay processing and call center support.
Plenty of Invoicing Options

We offer all kinds of billing options such as annual, semi-annual, quarterly, monthly or any other frequency you choose.
Invoice Design

We offer invoicing with or without payment coupons. You can choose to have individuals remit payment annually, semi-annually, quarterly, monthly, or any other frequency. Invoices can be sent by USPS mail or email.
Invoicing Frequency
We offer all kinds of billing options including but not limited to Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly, and Monthly. Choose the frequency that best suits your requirements.
Online Account Information

All location billing communications, invoice history (as PDFs), and premium collections are available privately & securely online and associated with a location's accounts. Locations will be able to access all their accounts information 24/7, and your administrators will have access to all this information and more.
We’ll Take Over the Calls
Your employees will have access to our dedicated call center agents by toll-free telephone number, email, and online self-service ticketing. All these options will off-load 100% of location billing inquiries from your team to ours.
Professional Support
We’re very proud of our account managers’ support levels and expertise and are confident you’ll find the same. We’ll assign you and your team a direct-access account manager to support your daily administration and annual open enrollments.
It’s important to send timely communications to employees, but this can be a big task for most HR/benefit departments. Our mass emailing and hard copy printing/mailing services can offload the time and labor of preparing mailings. Our advanced in-house printing & mailing capabilities can provide you with the support needed to communicate quickly and effectively with employees whether a part of the regular invoicing process or on-demand.
Premium Collection Standards
Our professional, tried-and-tested premium collection processes support location billing payments by check or ACH. We’ll collect location billing checks mailed to our bank’s secure lock box and process ACH bank debits timely and consistently.
Late Pay Options
Our experience has allowed us to create refined processes to collect delinquent premiums. Together, we will draft customized late-pay notices that reflect your group’s approach toward collections.
Insurance Carrier Integration
Our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) services will ensure that employee's enrollment is updated timely and accurately with your insurance carriers.
Insurance Carrier Premium Reporting
If you offer your employees life insurance coverage, we’ll provide you with self-billing reports capturing current and retroactive volume & premiums so you can fully account for enrollment adjustment activity. Connect with us for a demo today!