Add-On Services

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Enrollment Add-On Services
HR Process Reengineering Consulting
4-Hours of on-site discovery followed by a written “Observations & Recommendations Executive Summary.”
EDI for Payroll, HRIS, & Carriers
Electronic Data Interchange files sent weekly, biweekly, or monthly to manage eligibility, coordinate unrelated systems.
Insurance Premium Self-Reporting
Monthly premium list & volume invoices for self-reporting to carriers.
Emergency Contacts
Track employees’ emergency contact information including names, telephone numbers, email address and more.
New Hire Verification
Online collection of documentation that confirms new hires’ eligibility for employment & benefits.
New Dependent Verification
Online collect of documentation from employees demonstrating new dependents’ eligibility for benefits. Includes pending enrollment changes until documents are reviewed/approved.
General Ledger Update from Billing
Receive a monthly EDI file with all your location billing information tagged with your GL Account Numbers to facilitate quick & easy GL updates.
Mortuary & Cemetery Benefits
Promote your mortuary & cemetery benefits to your employees during open enrollment and other uses of MyEnroll360.
Self-Service Life Event Enrollment
MyEnroll360 will control employees’ managing their own life event changes by applying your specific rules to their online enrollment processing.
Mass Email Communicator
A wizard-guided application for creating and sending mass emails to your employees & administrators.
Tip-of-the-Day Communicator
A wizard-guided application for creating, queuing, and presenting messages to employees and administrators within MyEnroll360.
Secure File Manager
Setup folders and store your critical documents on our private, secure, & encrypted disks as part of your MyEnroll360 implementation.
Third-Party Web Site Integrations
Use Single-Sign-On to integrate third-parties’ websites with MyEnroll360.
Medicare Part ‘D’ Letters
BAS will print & mail Medicare Part ‘D’ letters as required for all Medicare eligible individuals who are covered under, or who apply for, the entity's prescription drug plan (Part D eligibles), whether active employees or retirees, at least once a year.
Priest Data Manager
Track critical priest data e.g., baptism info & dates, Immigration info. & dates, ordination info & dates and much more.
Custom Data Fields
Build text, number, and date fields and organize them into logical groupings to collect and retain additional employee data.
Talent & Skills Inventory
Track employees’ education, fluency, skills and much more for quick & easy querying.
Learning Management System
Maintain training videos, viewing requirements, and log user views/usage. Setup required & optional videos.
Onboarding Add-On Services
New Hire Onboarding
Online, configurable onboarding guides new hires through all your new hire information and keeps it available for their use 24/7. Include narratives, electronic documents such as handbooks, embedded Google maps and much more.
Multi-Purpose Onboarding
Extend the new hire onboarding concept to any type of onboarding or information presentation where you want a specific group of employees or administrators to be guided through content and have links to internal & external information, web sites and videos.
Graphic Design Support
Let our in-house graphic artist help you design the branded look you want for your onboardings.
Video Development
Let our in-house team help you write and produce videos.
Flexible Spending & Health Reimbursement Accounts Add-On Services
Healthcare FSAs
An account for banking pre-tax funds to use to pay future healthcare expenses.
Dependent Day Care FSAs
An account for banking pre-tax funds to use to pay future dependent day care expenses.
Health Reimbursement Accounts
An employer-funded health benefit plan that reimburses employees for out-of-pocket medical expenses and, in limited cases, to pay for health insurance plan premiums.
Healthcare FSA & HRA Debit Card
A Master Card that can be used at the Point-of-Sale for many expenses and avoid having to submit claims.
VIP Early Alert of Claim Denials
MyEnroll360 will alert your VIP’s administrator of any claim denials instantly when processed, so that you can take early action prior to our EOB’s being sent out.
Federal ACA Add-On Services
e-Delivery of ACA Forms to Employees
Online sign-up for, and delivery of, IRS Forms 1095 from MyEnroll360 archive. Reduces employers mailing costs.
State ACA Filing Service
Provides state filing services, now that states have begun passing state ACA filing regulations.
COBRA/Continuation of Coverage Add-On Services
General Rights Notices
Generate/mail required General Rights Notices to new hires, as required by COBRA regulations.
Customized Qualifying Event Notice
Converts the standard Qualifying Event Notice to an employer-specific version that may include additional information.
Include Forms with Qualifying Event Notices
Converts the standard Qualifying Event Notice to include carriers; paper enrollment forms.
Retiree Billing Add-On Services
Billing Frequency Options
Support one-Time/Year coupons or Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual or Annual Invoicing.
Late Pay Dunning Notices
Custom dunning notices.
Mailed or emailed communications.
Location Billing Add-On Services
Health Plan, P&C, & Other Expense Billing
Select and combination of expenses to bill including but not limited to health plan & P&C premiums, taxes, pension contributions and much more.
Late Pay Dunning Notices
Custom payment reminder notices. Can be sent via USPS and/or email.
Payments Collection
Complete lockbox, ACH and Wire funds collection and remittance, based on your requirements.
Insurance Carrier Payments
Monthly premium payments to insurance carriers from funds collected.
Dependent Audit Add-On Services
Employer Processing of Dependent Verification Documents
Use our online review and approval application to review & approve/decline dependent verification documents.
Total Compensation Statements Add-On Services
Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly Updates
Optional frequencies for online updates to employees’ data used to populate their Total Compensation Statements.
Includes black & white and color printing with mailing via First Class USPS mailing of materials and emailing of electronic materials options.
For more information about any Primary Service (orange headers) or Add-On Services, please contact your BAS Account Manager or BAS Sales at 1.800.945.5513 Menu Option 2.