Pension Support Services!

Bring your pension plan communications, statements and retirement balance calculations online, quickly & easily.

Use MyEnroll360 to boost your pension plan communications & technology with our interest & pay manager, online statements, retirement calculator, print & email communications, and more!
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Complete, worry-free pension services!

Let our technology bring your plan online for statements, communications, & retirement calculation

Flexible Setup
Easy, self-service configuration for building audience-specific pension processes
Go Paperless
Completely online pension for all types of content mediums: PDFs, Videos, FAQs & more
Standardize Content
Online pension will enable you standardize content to ensure message consistency
Benefits Information
Our Benefits Info widget will present each new hire their specific benefits
Employment Forms
Easily setup all your employment & tax forms for easy, 24/7 access
Training Videos
Include all your introductory and training videos for on demand viewing
Check Lists
Setup checklists for each pension audience, so you can guide their requirements
Payroll & HRIS integration
Setup audience specific timing controls for turning on & off pension access
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The Leading Pension Plan & Retirement Management Solution

Here’s how we’ll help your team get started quickly & easily ...
Easily Configurable!

With MyEnroll360 pension, you can set up personalized, customized pension by employee benefit class, location, department or other data parameters. Imagine having different individualized, controlled messaging and content by location or groups of locations like schools, parishes, cemeteries or other entities.

Regardless of your audience, with MyEnroll360 pension you’ll be able to quickly and easily build personalized, customized and guided pension processes for new hires and any other audience!
Audit Trails Ensure Success & Compliance

MyEnroll360 Pension Auditing (“MPA”) traces and collects each user’s access of any pension process. What’s more, you’ll be able to setup email alerts to keep track of users’ progress through each pension process.
Quick & Easy Implementation

You’ll be up and running quickly & easily because BAS’ implementation team will build, test and deploy your pension solutions. So, you set the specifications, then we’ll do the rest.
Modern & Mobile Ready

We’ve designed the pension presentation to be modern and intuitive; just like the leading social media websites!

When your users access the pension from mobile devices, we don’t just squish the page to fit the smaller device. In fact, MyEnroll360 pension is built with the latest mobile adaptive technologies so that your users get the best pension engagement.
Feature-Rich for Quick & Easy Configuration
Check out all the great features we’ve loaded into MyEnroll360 Pension. 

And, if you really want to extend your Enterprise pension processes to include organizational-specific content, controls, data collection and workflows, you’ll find our custom programming services are reasonably priced and delivered quickly.