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MetLife Announces Single Sign On Capabilities

MetLife, in an email to BAS' President Arthur Taylor, wrote:

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BAS Hires General Counsel

Marla G. Roshkoff has joined Benefit Allocation Systems, Inc. as General Counsel. BAS, a healthcare technology company, develops software and provides support for employers to run all aspects of their benefit plans. BAS’s primary services support the full lifecycle of group health plan communication, eligibility, enrollment, premium billing and compliance. BAS also administers COBRA continuation coverage.


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IOM Releases Report Outlining its Findings

10/7/11 - Health care reform requires certain health plans to cover federally-mandated essential health benefits. What benefits will be considered essential health benefits has not yet been clearly defined. HHS tasked the Institute of Medicine with recommending criteria and methods for determining and updating the essential health benefits that must be included in health plans beginning in 2014. The IOM released a report today outlining its findings.

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