Posting Documents in MyEnroll360

Posted by BAS - 16 September, 2021


MyEnroll360 provides employers the ability to create a comprehensive reference library for centralizing Human Resources documents. The Reference Library feature allows employees to have quick access to an online repository of important informational documents.

Each employer has complete discretion to create its own library based on the employer's workforce and needs. Access to the reference library can be customized so that different materials are viewable to different classes of employees. There is no limitation on the number of categories in the library that can be created, or the number of documents or forms maintained in MyEnroll360.

Key features include

  1. Standard component of the enrollment system, so employees are not navigating away from the enrollment system to access documents
  2. Designed for mobile & desktop
  3. Topic Filters at the top of the screen make it very easy to find information; user simply clicks a Topic Filter and the system displays only the corresponding Topic Container
  4. Free-form search to find information with a search against document and link titles
  5. Built distinctly for each Plan Year. Employees can have access to prior years by using the Plan Year selector
  6. Includes information specific to each location and even each class employee.

For more information about setting up the MyEnroll360 Library, contact your account manager or

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