New MyEnroll360

Posted by BAS - 21 March, 2019


BAS is excited to announce a major enhancement to its benefit plan enrollment & administration system – MyEnroll360!

New MyEnroll360 Branding

We at BAS have been expanding our services to support a wide array of HR and benefit plan needs, such as new hire onboarding, email communications, and much more. To better align our branding with these new, broader offerings, we will begin referring to MyEnroll and collectively as MyEnroll360.

What’s New in MyEnroll360

We have begun to convert the MyEnroll360 applications to a new, modern, mobile-adaptive design.

On or after March 25, 2019, when you login to MyEnroll360, you’ll be greeted with our new login page. Upon login, you will experience the new MyEnroll360. Throughout 2019, we will continue upgrading MyEnroll360 applications and will announce these as they occur.


When users sign in to MyEnroll360 on or after March 25th, the system will present automated “walkthroughs” of each new webpage. These walkthroughs, which you may have seen on other websites, open small message windows that point to, and explain, specific page features and functions. The walkthroughs will be very effective in guiding users through the key new features and giving them confidence to proceed with using the applications.

Get a Preview

We have set up a webpage to summarize the changes that will be experienced with the newly designed MyEnroll360Click here for a preview.

Additionally, you can get a brief walkthrough of the new login page and User Profile Pages here.


If you have any questions about this announcement or about forthcoming enhancements, please contact your BAS Account Manager or email

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