MyEnroll360's EDI Quality Controls

Posted by BAS - 19 November, 2020


BAS’ Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) module in MyEnroll360 allows for the exchange of data between your plan and your vendor. Transferring data electronically results in reduced costs, increased processing speed, reduced errors and seamless integration among vendors. BAS can electronically submit many forms of data easing the plan’s heavy lift obligations.

Enrollment information, COBRA qualifying events, coverage data, and mid-year changes are just some of the data that BAS’ EDI team can transfer to a carrier or other third party.

Did you know the BAS EDI Department does Quality Control (QC) checks on benefit files before they are sent to vendors? We take pride in our extra step to ensure your benefit files are delivered not only on time, but also with more accurate data. Instead of pushing files out to recipients as soon as they are run and handling errors after the file has already been applied to production BAS’ EDI team conducts a QC review process to catch and correct fallout before the file even reaches the recipient. This ensures files passing to benefit vendors are more accurate and contain less errors, which in turn ensures members are enrolled and able to access their benefits faster.

For information about BAS’ EDI Module through MyEnroll360 and its quality control processes, contact BAS at

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