MyEnroll360 Secure Communications

Posted by BAS - 08 April, 2021


BAS offers three methods for clients to securely receive and send sensitive data:

  1. Within MyEnroll360, BAS offers a secure file transfer mechanism that enables client-users to upload and download files. MyEnroll360 scans these files for viruses and excludes dozens of file types e.g., zip, mpeg, etc. before storing in the database.
  2. Within MyEnroll360, BAS provides application-specific file upload programs that clients can use to upload data into applications, e.g., new hires, W-2 salary updates, etc. using prescribed data formats.
  3. Outside of MyEnroll360, BAS provides clients with secure ftp (i.e., SFTP) server access. Each client is requisitioned a single data folder with client-specific access credentials, for uploading files to BAS when BAS provides either automated or manual upload services.

For more information on secure data transfers, contact your account manager or

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