Life Changes and Benefits

Posted by BAS - 15 October, 2015


Employer health plans allow changes mid-year on the account of certain life events. These events include marriage, birth of a child/adoption/placement for adoption, divorce, and losing dependent status. 

  • Marriage. Upon marriage, an employee can add health coverage, add a spouse to coverage, enroll in a spouse’s plan or obtain Marketplace coverage.
  • Birth of a Child. An employee can add a child to health coverage upon the birth, adoption or placement for adoption of a child. 
  • Divorce. Divorce gives rise to certain continuation of coverage rights under COBRA. A divorced spouse may also be entitled to obtain Marketplace coverage. 
  • Dependent Status. When a child loses dependent status, he or she may have a continuation of coverage right under COBRA or may obtain Marketplace coverage. 

The Department of Labor has a webpage, available by clicking here, which provides guidance for employees encountering one of these life events.

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