Keeping Emergency Contacts In MyEnroll360

Posted by BAS - 18 February, 2021


Employees can store their emergency contacts in MyEnroll360. This MyEnroll360 module provides useful information for employers in the event of an emergency.

Employees may use the Emergency Contact link on their profile page to create and manage up to five (5) Emergency Contacts. The Emergency Contacts will be stored in the employee’s record and the contacts may be added and/or updated at any time. While an Emergency Contact does not have to be a dependent already listed in MyEnroll360, the functionality allows the employee to select a checkbox to make an existing dependent an Emergency Contact. Information will include Name, Relationship to Employee, Address, Phone Number(s) and Employer Name.

Employers may want to make this feature enhancement a required part of the onboarding and employee maintenance process to easily keep track of employee information. The feature may also be rolled out to employees at any time.

For more information about adding this feature to your MyEnroll360 offerings, contact your account manager or

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