Email Verification Process

Posted by BAS - 30 October, 2014


Many employee communications from are sent to the participant’s email address on file.  BAS takes steps to verify that the email address in the MyEnroll system actually belongs to the intended recipient. receives email addresses in several ways, including through employer-provided payroll data feeds, large batch file updates, and employer/employee data entry. Regardless of the source of employees’ emails, BAS understands the importance of verifying with the employee that the email address listed in MyEnroll is properly associated with the individual.

MyEnroll suspends a newly added/edited email addresses from use until the employee verifies the email address. Email verification is also triggered when an individual with an unverified email address requests a User ID/Password or logs onto  The verification process entails sending an email to the employee and providing instructions and a link for completing a quick and easy online verification process. Through the process, the employee identifies him/herself by entering some key personal data, which, if such data matches the employee’s known data, confirms the email address and releases the email address in for future use.  

If an employee has difficulty verifying an email address, BAS will work witht he employee to discover and correct the issue.  A problem might only occur if the demographic information (Name, Social Security Number, Home Zip Code and Date of Birth) in MyEnroll does not match what the employee is entering. If there is a disconnect, BAS will assist the employee in identifying the misinformation and contact the employer for direction, if necessary.

For questions on the verification process, contact your account manager or

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