15 Reasons You can Outsource Your Premium Billing: Part 2 of 3

Posted by BAS - 30 July, 2020


Part 2 of 3: 15 Reasons Why You Can Outsource Premium Billing & Collections

In Part One of this 3-part series, we advanced the first 5 of 15 reasons why you can outsource your Premium Billing & Collections for greater efficiencies and cost savings. 

In this Part Two, we identify 5 more reasons why you can outsource your Premium Billing & Collections. By “Premium Billing” we are referring to communications, billing (invoicing) and collections required to bill and collect premiums owed to your organization by one or more employees or former employees. Generally, premium billings fall into one of the following categories: Retiree, COBRA, Direct or Location. 

Reasons 6-10 Why You Can Outsource Your Premium Billing to BAS

This second set of reasons why you can outsource your Premium Billing & Collections focuses on the billing process and working with a vendor that has 100% control over its software. A vendor that actually develops and owns the software can deliver timely configuration changes and customizations. 

#6 We’re 100% Focused on Billing

At BAS, our dedicated professionals specialize in the many aspects of billing including accounting, account management, and customer service – it’s what they do every day, all day.

#7 Flexible Invoice Designs

You’ll rest assured because our full-time programming and implementation teams will craft an invoice design that ensures you can present precise billings with the descriptions and messaging that best suits your needs.

#8 On-time, Every Time

You’ll never have to worry about getting your invoices generated and mailed because at BAS the process is highly automated with the latest computing and mail processing technologies allowing us to process thousands of invoices in a day. We’ll guarantee that your invoices go out on-time, every time.

#9 Easy Adjustments

You know that things come up that will require you to make adjustments to your billing amounts. So, you’ll appreciate the ability to make billing adjustments online whenever you need. And, if your adjustments are complex and affect many invoices, our programming team will assist with applying your adjustments programmatically.

#10 High Tech Invoice Processing & Mailing

BAS’ high-speed print, fold/insert & mail equipment ensures that we can fulfill thousands of invoices a day. Our use of bar coding on invoices ensures accurate mailing and allows us to track each mailed piece through the entire U.S. Postal processing and delivery process.


As the 2nd part of our three-part series, here are reasons 6-10 why you can outsource your Premium Billing to BAS: 

#6 - We’re 100% Focused on Billing 

#7 - Flexible Invoice Designs 

#8 - On-time, Every Time 

#9 - Easy Adjustments 

#10 - High Tech Invoice Processing & Mailing 

Article Continuation

Why you can outsource reasons 1-5 were published on July 23, 2020 and can be found here 

Why you can outsource reasons 10-15 were published on August 13, 2020 and can be found here.

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