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When you have decentralized locations that you need to bill recurring and non-recurring expenses, turn to BAS MyEnroll360 for a complete, professional billing, collection & remittance solution.

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Complete, Automated Benefits Premium Billing!

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Billing Management
Standard premium billing to manage billings and collections between an organization and its division/location.
Consolidated Billing
Standard consolidated billing to manage all of the group insurance premium billings an organization receives from its insurance carriers.
Supports All Types
Supports any type of premium or expense to be billed.
Billing Frequency
Standard Annual, semi-annual, quarterly & monthly billing frequency options.
Account Management
Standard accounts receivable management and reporting.
Billings & Receivables
Standard online account billings and receivables information.
Archived Documents
Standard online documents & email history archive.
Billing Security
Standard secure bank lock box collection, along with optional direct collections by client
Document Archive
Optional customer service call center vanity toll-free numbers and reportable call metrics
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The Leading Direct Premium Billing Solution

Here's how we'll help your team organize all of their Billing needs in one place...
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Contact one of our Senior Account Executives for a complimentary 15-minute call. We’ll ask a few questions to create your personalized demo.

After you experience your first system demonstration, you can decide to dig deeper with additional personalized demonstrations or get a personalized quote.
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Once you’ve connected with one of our Senior Account Executives, we’ll send you a quote within 24 business hours.
We’ll do the heavy lifting
Our discovery and implementation processes will be managed by seasoned professionals who will guide you through designing your dependent audit and do all the setup work to ensure a timely and perfectly working solution.
Premium Billing
Our premium billing will help you professionalize your premium & expense billings to your decentralized locations. We’ll provide them with highly detailed invoices with detailed online drill down reports for detailed audit trail of all expenses. And, we’ll provide you advanced, online accounting reports for real time aged accounts receivables, balance rollforwards and more!
Insurance Premiums, Taxes, Pension Funding and More!
Regardless of your expense types, we can bill them to your collections. We have accounts billing for items as small as $25 background check back charges and as large as multi-million-dollar premiums. For health insurance we can manage the enrollment and use the data to feed the billings. For all other expenses, you can provide us data from your actuaries, accountants, tax departments, HR departs and any other source that can provide the data in Excel or CSV format.
You’re in Control
Even though we will take care of all the heavy lifting to prepare and send your invoices each month, you’ll still have lots of control over your locations’ billings including access to the Premium & Expense Adjustment Application that’ll provide your team with 24/7 online access for making manual debit/credit adjustments, as needed.
Consolidated Billing
Three great options for consolidating all your premium & expense billings: 

1. Combined Health Plan & Property/Casualty premiums plus miscellaneous expenses, 
2. A separate Health Plan premium billing plus a separate Property/Casualty premium plus miscellaneous expenses billing,
3. Just health premiums or just Property/Casualty premiums plus miscellaneous expenses billings.
Professional Billing & Collections
Our Premium Billing will provide you with timely and accurate invoicing and collections. And, our professional premium collection process will give you all the secure options you could need like bank lock box services for locations that pay by check, automated ACH account debits for seamless, accurate, & timely collections and Wire Transfer options for those that require control over their funds distribution.
Billing Frequency
One of the benefits of our Premium Billing solution is that our standard options provides a monthly billing, which can amortize annual, quarterly, & semi-annual charges into monthly billings; thus, making it easier for locations to budget and pay their obligations. However, if you prefer a billing frequency other than monthly, we can support it, too!
Best in Class
We deliver best in class accounting and billing capabilities, reduce time to value, and improve collections, dramatically from your locations/divisions. Connect with us today!