Watch for CCS Rate Renewal Requests

Posted by BAS - 15 August, 2019


Cobra Control Services provides easy COBRA administration at low per-use costs. One often-overlooked feature of COBRA administration is informing COBRA participants about changes in the premium rates for plans. CCS takes a proactive approach to this issue by reaching out to each client at rate renewal time.

Approximately 30 days before each client's plan renews, CCS sends an email with a link to access CCS' rate renewal program. All parties on the client's email list (typically the employer representatives and broker, if any) are sent the email and can access the program. Simply click on the link in the email and follow the steps to enter the new rates. New plans can also be added through this program, if needed. When the process is completed, the information stored in is updated instantly. All parties on the email distribution list will then receive a confirmation email which will contain the plans and rates for the new year. Cobra Control will notify active COBRA continuants of the changes in rates/plans.

It is important to keep Cobra Control updated on the dates in which your plans renew. If one of your plan's premiums renews "off anniversary," please contact your Account Manager or

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