Viewing Billing Invoices

Posted by BAS - 02 June, 2022


Employers can view their BAS/CCS monthly invoices online. Each month, an invoice with a summary of the bill is sent to the employer. An employer who wants more information about the bill can log into to see the supporting documentation.

To view a bill online, use your administrator credentials to log into Click on the Billing tab and then select BAS & CCS Fee Billing Histories. Choose which bill you would like to preview by using the drop down menu next to Billing Date. The bill is in grid-viewable format exportable to Excel and is also viewable in PDF Format. An employer’s active master account and location administrators who are set up with the roles to access billing data can access these invoices.

To learn more about BAS/CCS monthly invoices online in, please contact your account manager, or email

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