Update to MyEnroll Report Generator

Posted by BAS - 14 December, 2017


MyEnroll’s report generator is a main source for client access to employee data. BAS has enhanced how administrators retrieve reports with the release of a new “Reports” application.

Changes to the reports application focus on ease of use, speed, and flexibility to provide the best possible reporting experience. Check out the report generator by logging into MyEnroll and selecting "reports" under the  “Quick Links” button on the Toolbar. 

Client administrators have the ability to generate reports, 24/7, using live data or a defined date range. The most utilized reports in MyEnroll are the employee census report and the full coverage report. The FSA remaining balance report is also a popular option.

The reports provide specific information such as employee demographics, enrolled benefit information and more. BAS provides a selection of other reports that clients may use to stay on top of their employee information. Reports can be exported to Excel for filtering, if needed.

If you have questions about which reports are available to you or how to access the report generator, contact your account manager or info@BASusa.com.

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