Required Notice Distribution

Posted by BAS - 05 October, 2017


As we are getting into the fall months, employers with calendar year plans begin to prepare for the annual open enrollment period. Part of these preparations should include gathering the notices that are required to be distributed each year. While each employer’s specific notice distribution obligations vary depending on factors such as size, types of plans offered and funding, required notices may include the following:

  • HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices- Provide at initial enrollment in the health plan and every three years.  Many employers will include with open enrollment materials.
  • Health Care Exchange Notice- Distribute upon hire. Many employers will include with open enrollment materials.
  • SBC, Summary of Benefits and Coverage- Distribute with open enrollment materials. Also provide at initial enrollment and upon request.
  • Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act Notice- Provide annually and at initial enrollment. Many employers include with open enrollment materials.
  • CHIP Notice- Provide annually and upon initial eligibility. Many employers to include with open enrollment materials.
  • Medicare Part D Notice of Creditable Coverage- Send by October 15 each year.
  • Special Enrollment Rights Notice- Distribute upon initial enrollment and at annual enrollment.
  • Summary Annual Report (SAR)- Due 9 months after the end of the plan year. 
  • Wellness Program Notices (HIPAA and ADA)- May be required if health plan includes wellness initiatives.

Employers should get their benefit house in order and confirm that their required notices are being distributed to employees.

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