Posters in the Workplace

Posted by BAS - 19 May, 2022


Employers are required to provide certain information to employees and post certain documentation in the workplace. The U.S. Department of Labor requires provides free electronic copies of federally required workplace posters in both English and other languages. The posters may be downloaded for no charge.

Posting requirements for each employer may differ based on the laws the employer must follow. For example, a small employer may not be subject to the FMLA and therefore would not have to post FMLA notices.

The DOL elaws FirstStep Poster Advisor is an interactive tool that an employer can use to determine which poster(s) are required to be displayed at their business. The Poster Advisor may be accessed by clicking here.

Going through the tool will produce a list of notices an employer is required to post under federal law. Employers should also check state posting requirements.

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