Password Resets

Posted by BAS - 09 March, 2023


MyEnroll360 incorporates best-practice security protections to prevent hacking of user logon credentials.

In accordance with the National Institute of Standards and Technology Series 800 guidance, MyEnroll360 will deny users access to the system when they fail to successfully log on after 5 consecutive attempts from any number of computers/devices within 10 consecutive minutes.

A user who is locked from MyEnroll360 due to multiple unsuccessful login attempts may start the unlock process immediately. If the user remembers the correct ID and password, this information may be entered and a temporary password will be provided. During the login with the temporary password, the user will be prompted to create a permanent password to gain access to the system. Information will have to be verified to unlock the account.

Administrator users who have not logged into MyEnroll360 for 120 days or more will have their accounts locked automatically. The account may be reactivated by logging on with the user ID or by calling the BAS call center.

These security protections help avoid unintended access to MyEnroll360.

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