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Posted by BAS - 04 August, 2022


Within the BAS family of premium billing solutions on the MyEnroll360 platform, we offer Retiree, COBRA, Direct (individual), and Location premium & expense billing services.

Retiree Premium Billing

When your retirees contribute to some or all the cost of their retirement benefits such as medical, dental, vision, life insurance and other benefits, BAS’ retiree premium billing provides all the services you need to communicate, bill, collect, remit and service throughout the plan year. 

Direct Premium Billing

Like Retiree Premium Billing, Direct Premium Billing services include communications, billing, collection, and remittance. Typically, Direct Premium Billing supports employees on some sort of leave such as leave of absence, FMLA, leave without pay, and more.

COBRA Premium Billing

As part of BAS’ COBRA Control Services, we offer complete COBRA compliance notification, premium billing & collection. The premium billing, collection & remittance is a vitally important aspect of this comprehensive service to ensure you receive the correct premiums and on time.

Location Premium & Expense Billing

When you have decentralized operations (e.g., a chain of restaurants, religious group with churches and schools) and you need to bill each entity for its pro-rata share of insurance premiums and other expenses, the BAS Location Premium & Expense Billing is the perfect solution.

Reasons To Outsource Your Premium Billing

#1 Win Back Your Day

No question that managing premium billing & collection process can chew up a lot of time. Win back your and your team’s day by outsourcing your premium billing & collection to a professional firm that has the systems and automation to do it right and on time.

#2 Support the Entire Billing Life Cycle

All of BAS’ premium billing services support the entire billing, collection, remittance, and communication processes. In fact, one of the great benefits of BAS direct billing solutions is they create highly efficient and expeditious processes that do the work for you.

#3 Implementation

We know that successful technology solutions are all about great implementations. To this end BAS has tried-and-true, highly detailed implementation plans & practiced processes that will ensure an on-time and 100% operational implementation - guaranteed.

#4 Integration

BAS’ MyEnroll360 plays nicely with other systems. If your enrollment, HRIS or other system can support sending and receiving data via Electronic Data Interchange files (EDI) or Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), then we’ll be able to integrate those systems and our MyEnroll360 for your peace of mind.

#5 Support

Unlike many Software as a Service (SaaS) applications that require users to learn all about setup, operations, reporting, and more, BAS runs your programs for you on MyEnroll360.

That’s right, BAS will setup and operate all the billing processes, so you can win back your day and not have to worry about maintaining and operating a system or billing processes.

#6 Flexible Invoice Designs

You’ll rest assured because our full-time programming and implementation teams will craft an invoice design that ensures you can present precise billings with the descriptions and messaging that best suit your needs.

#7 We’re 100% Focused on Billing

At BAS, our dedicated professionals specialize in the many aspects of billing including accounting, account management, invoicing, cash management, collection reimbursement, and customer service – it’s what they do every day, all day.

#8 On-time, Every Time

You’ll never have to worry about getting your invoices generated and mailed because at BAS the process is highly automated with the latest computing and mail processing technologies that enable BAS to process thousands of invoices, daily. We’ll guarantee that your invoices go out on-time, every time.

#9 Easy Adjustments

You know that things come up that will require you to adjust your billing amounts. So, you’ll appreciate the ability to make billing adjustments online whenever you need. And, if your adjustments are complex and affect many invoices, our programming team will assist with applying your adjustments, programmatically.

#10 High Tech Invoice Processing & Mailing

BAS’ high-speed print, fold/insert & mail equipment ensures that we can process thousands of invoices a day. Our use of bar coding on invoices ensures accurate mailing and allows us to track each mailed piece through the entire U.S. Postal Service’s delivery workflows.

#11 Flexible Collection Options

You can choose from our many premium collection options including having payments sent to your organization directly, or having BAS collect, reconcile, and remit funds to your organization.

#12 Flexible Payment Options

You can offer one or a combination of our payment options including payments by check, credit card, debit card, user-initiated ACH, and/or BAS initiated/automated ACH.

#13 Lock Box Service

Collecting checks can be a time consuming and risky process. You can solve this issue with BAS’ lock box collection service. We have bank-operated lock boxes on the West and East coasts. Our bank manages the collections and processing for the most timely and secure method of receiving payments by check.

#14 Timely Premium Remittance

BAS’ billing department process hundreds of millions of dollars annually and has tried-and- true processes that ensure highly accurate and secure collection, reconciliation, and timely remittance back to your organization.

#15 Integrated Billing and Accounts Receivable

BAS tightly integrated premium billing and collection service ensures that your accounts receivable is accurate. Our timely collections, posting and automation ensures your reports are relevant and useful.

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