MyEnroll360 and COBRA Services

Posted by BAS - 12 September, 2019


Cobra Control Services, LLC makes it easy to keep track of COBRA continuants and to confirm that requested qualifying event letters are processed properly. CCS sends emails to individuals on the document email list:

  • When the administrator requests a COBRA Qualifying Event Letter (QEL) to be sent;
  • When the Qualifying Event Letter is Mailed (with a copy of the QEL);
  • When the continuant elects COBRA;
  • When the continuant makes the first payment for coverage.

CCS provides bi-weekly reports of COBRA activity for the account, along with a monthly check detail report.

At least one individual from the employer should be included on the document email list so the employer is aware of the ongoing COBRA administration and where their former employees are in the COBRA process. CCS' email confirmations allows the employer to confirm that its COBRA requests are being processed properly.

Many employers choose to set up a generic COBRA email address such as to funnel COBRA correspondence to one, central location.

If you have questions about the automatic email confirmations generated by CCS, please contact

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