Retrieve Password Process

Posted by BAS - 14 June, 2018


BAS’ new “Retrieve Password” process requires the user to enter his or her “User Name” to reset the password.

BAS asks for the User Name for a password reset instead of the email address associated with the account for an added layer of security protection. Email addresses are widely known in the employer population. An individual could inadvertently (or deliberately) enter another person’s email address and cause a password reset, automatically. This could cause disruption if the actual user did not request the reset. Requiring a User Name prevents the inadvertent (or ill-intended) entry of another person’s email address to cause a password reset.

If a user does not know his or her User Name, the individual is prompted to enter an email address. This step does not reset the password or User Name, it simply delivers the User Name to the identified email address.

Contact your account manager or For questions about the password reset feature.

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