Multiple Sessions Control

Posted by BAS - 19 May, 2022


MyEnroll360’s security posture is enhanced by restricting the number of sessions that may be engaged simultaneously. Multiple Logged-In Sessions Control limits the number of times a single user can be logged into the system at any one time.

How Concurrency Works

Each MyEnroll360 user is permitted to have a maximum of two (2) concurrent open sessions (i.e., multiple, simultaneous logins) with a maximum of one (1) open session per browser. For example, a user who has logged into MyEnroll360 using the Microsoft Edge browser and who wants to open a second MyEnroll360 session would have to login using a different browser (such as Firefox, Safari, or Chrome) for that second session.

Unlocking the Maximum Number of Concurrent Sessions

In the event a user has two open MyEnroll360 logins, any attempt to open a third session will result in the system declining the third login request. MyEnroll360 will provide a message explaining the limit on the number of open sessions and will provide information on how to close open logins.

For more information about sessions control, contact your account manager or

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