Medicare Part D Notices

Posted by BAS - 18 September, 2014


Employers must remember to distribute their Medicare Part D Creditable Coverage Notices by October 15. 

Medicare offers prescription drug coverage through Part D. Individuals must enroll Medicare when they first become eligible.  If they do not enroll at that time, they will be subject to a penalty premium charge when they enroll at a later date.  Medicare-eligible individuals with creditable prescription drug coverage from their employer will not be subject to a penalty when enrolling in Medicare part D after initial eligibility. 

Employers must provide a notice to Medicare-eligible participants letting them know if their prescription drug coverage is creditable or non-creditable.  A group health plan that provides prescription drug coverage that is at least as good as the benefits under the Medicare Part D standard benefit is considered creditable.   

The Medicare Part D annual enrollment period runs from October 15 through December 7 each year.  In order for employees to have the proper information about their prescription coverage, employers must distribute their Medicare Part D notices prior to October 15.  Notices also must be provided before group health plan enrollment, when group health plan coverage ends, when creditable status changes, or upon request. 

Model notices are available on the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ website.  Click here for access to the model notices.

Notices may be included as part of an open enrollment or other plan materials.  They may be sent electronically to individuals who use a computer as a regular part of their job duties. 

Employers have to document Notice delivery with CMS through its website.  The CMS disclosure form must be completed within 60 days after the start of the next plan year. 

BAS can assist with distributing Medicare Part D notices.  For more information, contact

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