Mass Email Manager Module

Posted by BAS - 25 May, 2023


BAS recognizes an employer’s ongoing need to send information to its diverse employee population. Sometimes, an employer needs to communicate with subset employees and can’t create a distribution list in a standard email program. BAS has always been available to send “mass emails” to your specified employee groups.

BAS has a tool which allows you to craft and send emails easily and quickly.

The Mass Email Manager in MyEnroll360 gives administrative users the ability to craft emails from start to finish and send those emails, without any BAS team member assistance. This new self-service tool allows you to setup key elements to Mass Email communication.

Users may choose from a robust set of population filters-

  1. Audience type (Administrators or Employees)
  2. Specific Locations
  3. Specific Classes
  4. Coverage Categories
  5. Successful Completion of Enrollment (Employees Only)

As for the body of your email, BAS has incorporated a rich text/HTML editor that allows you to carefully craft and hone your message to your exact specifications. You’ll even be able to add attachments to your message. The Mass Email Manager also lets you specify the email domain name from which the email will be sent, allowing you to increase familiarity for you recipients.

For more information about the Mass Email Manager, contact your account manager or

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