IRS Suggests Strong Passwords

Posted by BAS - 09 January, 2020


The IRS suggests two actions for preventing identity theft: using strong passwords and keeping those passwords secure.

To achieve a strong password, the IRS has four tips:

  • Use word phrases that are easy to remember rather than random letters, characters and numbers that cannot be easily recalled.
  • Use a minimum of eight characters; longer is better.
  • Use a combination of letters, numbers and symbols, i.e., XYZ, 567, !@#.
  • Avoid personal information or common passwords.

The IRS has the following suggestions for keeping passwords secure

  • Change default and temporary passwords that come with accounts or devices.
  • Do not reuse passwords and use a completely different password for every account and device.
  • Give a password a total makeover when changing it. For example, simply changing Bgood!17 to Bgood!18 is not good enough.
  • Do not make a username an email addresses.
  • Store password lists in a secure location, such as a safe or locked file cabinet.
  • Do not disclose your passwords to anyone for any reason.
  • Use a password manager program to track passwords for multiple accounts.

Selecting multi-factor authentication is preferable when there is a preference.

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