IRS Standard Mileage Rates

Posted by BAS - 03 January, 2019


The standard mileage rate for individuals and businesses to use for computing the deductible cost of operating an automobile for business, charitable, medical or moving expenses has been adjusted for 2019.

The standard mileage rate for transportation or travel expenses is $0.58 per mile for all miles of business use, $0.14 per mile for use of an automobile in rendering gratuitous services to a charitable organization, and $0.20 per mile for use of an automobile: (a) for medical care describe in Code section 213 or (b) as part of a move for which expenses are deductible under Code section 217(g).

For automobiles a taxpayer uses for business purposes, the portion of the business standard mileage rate treated as depreciation is $0.24 per mile for 2015, $0.24 per mile for 2016, $0.25 per mile for 2017, $0.25 per mile for 2018, and $0.26 per mile for 2019.

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