I-9 Forms

Posted by BAS - 21 April, 2016


All U.S. employers must verify each employee’s identity and authorization to work in the United States.  To do this, employers must complete Form I-9 for each individual hired for employment (citizens and noncitizens).  Form I-9 is completed by both the employer and the employee and must be retained during employment.

Each employee must present the employer with acceptable documents supporting his/her identity and employment authorization.  The employer must review the documents and confirm that they reasonably appear to be genuine and relate to the employee.  The employer records the document information on the Form.

The existing Form I-9 was set to expire March 31, 2016.  However, this version of the form must still be used until a new form is approved by the Office of Management and Budget and posted on the uscis.gov website.

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