Help Your Employees Stay Informed of Their Rights

Posted by BAS - 29 August, 2019


Employers are required to let employees know about various rights they have in the workplace. Some of this information must be provided by written notices to employees and some must be provided by posters in the workplace. The U.S. Department of Labor offers tools for determining what notices are required for each employer. The DOL website has electronic copies of all required notice and posters which are available at no charge . 

Take the following steps to determine which workplace posters are required for your organization.

  1. Use the elaws FirstStep Poster Advisor to determine which posters are required. The Advisor may be accessed by clicking here. After asking questions about the size and type of your business, a list of posters for download is presented.
  2. If you already know what posters are needed, go to the DOL’s Workplace Posters webpage which may be accessed by clicking here.
  3. Consult the DOL’s frequently asked questions page to find more information about posting requirements. The FAQs may be accessed by clicking here.

The DOL information addresses federal notices and posters, only. States may have additional requirements.

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