Electronic Data Interchange Processes for Data Consistency

Posted by BAS - 16 November, 2017


An employer with a separate enrollment system and payroll system can use MyEnroll to synchronize data. Planned data interchanges can assure consistency of data across different employer platforms.

Employers with two closely related, but not interconnected, systems may encounter data creep. For example, date of hire can become inconsistent between a payroll and enrollment system.

Example #1 Rehires: Often payroll systems will “reactivate” a rehire’s prior payroll record. In many payroll systems, the reactivation leaves the employee’s original date of hire unchanged. When an administrator adds an employee into the enrollment system the administrator may enter the employee’s most recent date of hire, creating a discrepancy between the payroll and the enrollment systems.

Example #2 New Hires with Changed Start Date: Often administrators will add new hires to the enrollment system in advance of the hire date, in order to prepare for a quick and seamless new hire onboarding. A new hire’s actual start date (i.e., date of hire) may change after the administrator enters it into the enrollment system. Sometimes, the administrator does not remember to change the date, creating a disconnect between the payroll and the enrollment system.

Example #3 Inconsistent Data Entry: When two systems, such as a payroll and enrollment system, are running in parallel without coordination, administrators may make simple data entry mistakes when entering the same data (e.g., Date of Hire) into two separate systems.

BAS can work with employers to set up a recurring data interchange process between the MyEnroll enrollment system and the employer’s payroll system. This data interchange recognizes the data fields of each system, creates an exception record, and implements an employer-specific workflow process to allow the employer to mitigate any discovered discrepancies through reconciliation.

For more information on BAS’ Electronic Data Interchange capabilities, contact your account manager or solutions@BASusa.com.

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