Data Privacy Rule

Posted by BAS - 30 January, 2020


Data privacy and security is of the utmost importance to BAS. We make a great investment in our systems and services to ensure they align with privacy and security best practices.

Many states are implementing data privacy laws, with California as the most recent state to do so. BAS, with its lawyers, has analyzed the law extensively.

BAS uses personal data upon the direction of our client employers only to provide contracted employer benefit plan and insurance enrollment, administration, compliance and billing services. While BAS is not directly subject to the California law since BAS is a service provider and does not sell or use personal data for its own purposes, BAS does implement privacy and security best-practices.

BAS follows federal privacy and security guidance and has based our security plan, operational platform and practices on compliance with federal data privacy and security rules. BAS undergoes an extensive security audit each year to ensure proper operational controls and data protections. BAS, when acting as a Business Associate, complies with the HIPAA privacy and security requirements.

If you have questions about BAS security and privacy posture, please contact

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