BAS Encrypted Emails

Posted by BAS - 12 October, 2017


BAS’ email encryption process is one of the many security features BAS has in place to protect sensitive information. Any email messages sent from a email message that contains an attachment or a Social Security number are automatically encrypted.

BAS Outgoing Email Inspection
All emails BAS employees send pass through BAS’ Zixcorp encryption system and are evaluated for Social Security and/or credit card numbers.

If Zixcorp detects a BAS outgoing email subject, body and/or attachment containing this information, it will encrypt the email before sending.

Opening BAS Encrypted Emails
If you receive an encrypted email from BAS, the first time, you will need to setup your Zixcorp Encryption Account. Your account identifies your email server and personal inbox for use not only with BAS’ Zixcorp encryption system, but with any other Zixcorp encryption system you may encounter with other organizations.

Setting Up Your Zixcorp Encryption Account
The first time you receive an encrypted email from BAS, you will be presented with information for setting up an account. Once you proceed through the setup process, you may access the email as often as needed.

Subsequent Encrypted Emails
You will be able to open future encrypted emails by double-clicking on the message and entering your password.

BAS’ email encryption process is just one of the many security processes BAS has in place to protect client and participant information.

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