BAS at 2016 Gallagher Convocation

Posted by BAS - 05 May, 2016


BAS’ President Art Taylor, Director of Business Development Robin Block, and Religious Practices Manager Steve Rivello are attending the 2016 Gallagher Convocation “Bringing Collaboration to the Forefront” in Dallas, Texas May 5-6, 2016. 

The Gallagher Convocation is held every 2 years, and since 2002, has been bringing diocesan partners together to share best practices, participate in workshops and network around issues in the financial, legal and human resource areas.  

BAS attends the Gallagher Convocation in support of BAS’ religious sector clients.

This year, the President Art Taylor, will be running a workshop "Saving Time & Money with P&C Premium Allocation Billing + Benefits Administration", on Friday May 6th. In this workshop you will learn about the savings derived from a strategic Property & Casualty Premium, Real Estate Taxes, and other expense allocation billing across your diocese for 100% receivables and accountability.

For more information about BAS, BAS' billing or BAS’ religious sector capabilities please contact BAS at 1-800-945-5513 ext. 3 or

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