Add a Vow of Poverty in ACA Compliance Module

Posted by BAS - 28 January, 2016

header-picture offers employers who have engaged BAS for health care reform data collection and reporting services the ability to add a Vow of Poverty for their eligible religious brothers and sisters, including priests, clergy and seminarians. The Vow of Poverty application within the compliance module allows those whom have taken a Vow of Poverty to not have hours tracked for Health Care Reform Reporting purposes.

To access the module, log into with your administrator user ID and password. After you have logged in, click on the “Compliance” tab, and then click “Vow of Poverty Setup” in the left toolbar. Select to whom the Vow of Poverty applies and click on the checkbox to the right of the name. Adding a Vow of Poverty will not gray out the boxes for their hours worked, however the boxes do not need to be filled in and can be kept blank.

To learn more about BAS’ Health Care Reform Reporting Solution or how to add a Vow of Poverty for eligible religious brothers and sisters, please contact your account manager, or email


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