Ability to Pend Dependents in MyEnroll.com

Posted by Marla Roshkoff - 28 July, 2020


MyEnroll.com offers employers a way to “pend” a dependent in the system to obtain documentation of dependent status before enrolling the dependent for coverage. This feature allows employers a method of confirming that they are covering only those individuals eligible for benefits under the terms of their plans.

BAS’ dependent module allows employees the ability to upload supporting dependent documentation, such as birth certificate, so the employer can verify dependent status. BAS can review the documentation based on employer eligibility rules, or the employer can view the documentation directly in MyEnroll.com. The program can be customized so that enrollment for the dependent is pended until the employer confirms that the supporting documentation is appropriate.

Many employers find that requiring dependent verification helps ensure that only truly eligible dependents are enrolled for coverage.

For more information about the ability to pend dependents before enrollment, please contact your account manager or info@BASusa.com

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