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Posted by BAS - 10 October, 2013


BAS partners with employers to implement a smooth and seamless open enrollment process for both employees and administrators. offers employees an easy-to-use, self-service, online enrollment system.

BAS works within each employer’s specific timeframe to prepare for open enrollment, but communication is key. Employers should discuss with BAS their desired start and end dates of the open enrollment period, whether any plan or carrier changes are anticipated, and how employee elections will be entered into (self-service or HR entry). These communications should begin ideally 90 days before the start of the open enrollment period. Around that time, employers should be prepared to provide BAS with new plan rates, payroll schedules, and services to be offered during open enrollment.

Plan Rates

Employers should gather new plan rates as soon as possible. Providing those rates to BAS will allow BAS to accurately update the system with amounts for the new plan year. It is important that all reported rates include the total monthly premium, consisting of both employer and employee cost-sharing.

Payroll Schedule

In order to calculate estimated per-pay costs for benefits and appropriate FSA contribution amounts, a payroll schedule should be provided to BAS for effective administration.

Distribution Materials

BAS can distribute and assist with the preparation of open enrollment communication materials.

All open enrollment preparations should be completed no later than three weeks prior to the start of open enrollment to make sure documentation and testing is in place before the go-live enrollment date. If you have questions or wish to discuss BAS’ open enrollment services, please contact your account manager or

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