Open Enrollment Wizard Offers HyperLinks for Easy Navigation

Posted by Marla Roshkoff - 03 October, 2012


The Open Enrollment Wizard in allows employers to offer their employees a fully customized open enrollment experience, with links and pop-ups for easy reference.

As no two open enrollments are alike, BAS allows the text in the Open Enrollment Wizard to be customized to meet employer needs. For example, if an employer offers a plan option to employees that requires the selection of a primary care provider, the plan can be marked as such in MyEnroll. When marked, an employee who uses the Open Enrollment wizard and elects a benefit that requires the selection of a PCP, a pop-up window will appear asking the employee to enter a provider, carrier ID and name. If the employee does not know their PCP ID, BAS can further tailor the wizard to include a hyperlink instructing the employee “to find your PCP ID, click here." When the employee clicks the hyperlink text, a new window will open (so the employee does not lose his or her place in the wizard) and the employee will be taken to the portion of the carrier website that allows them to search for information about a network provider.

At any point in the wizard, BAS can provide a hyperlink to either an employer document (such as a time off request form, EOI, etc.) or to a carrier website. BAS can customize both the language in the wizard and the text of the hyperlink specific to the employer’s needs and preference.

Many employers who send and/or receive payroll files to/from BAS do not want their employees to edit their personal information during Open Enrollment. Therefore, when an employee reaches the demographics page of the wizard, BAS can customize the text by saying something like- “Please review your demographic information carefully. If you need to update any of your information, please click here to send an e-mail to your Human Resources Department.” When the employee clicks the “click here” link, the employer's e-mail system will automatically open up a draft of an email with the HR email address and subject line pre-populated. All the employee needs to do is fill in the body of the e-mail requesting the information change.

All of the text in the Open Enrollment Wizard can be customized on an employer-by-employer basis to meet open enrollment needs.

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