New Hire Process

Posted by Marla Roshkoff - 19 April, 2012


BAS’ new-hire process can swiftly and easily send benefit plan information to newly hired employees, while keeping an on-line PDF record of the documents sent, along with proof of USPS mailing.

Many employers have a format set of documents, including benefits information and enrollment materials, that they give to employees at the time of hire. BAS can assist employers with the distribution of these materials. BAS’s tried and tested postal service distribution process provides employers a method to mail a benefits package to employee’s home, while maintaining a reviewable record of the mailing. BAS’ efficient mailing process assists employers by making sure new employees timely receive benefits information allowing them to enroll during the new hire enrollment period.

The new hire process involves the following:

1) Employer provides BAS with standard new hire distribution materials.
2) Employer notifies BAS of a newly hired employee through
3) BAS mails the newly hired employee a new-hire package by first class USPS mail. The package includes

  • Customized User ID letter in an envelope that displays the employer logo and return address.
  • Customized Password letter in an envelope that displays the employer logo and return address.
  • Additional benefits information for enrollment.

New hire packages can be generated and mailed daily, weekly, or monthly, at the employer’s request, following the plan’s specific waiting period and rules for eligibility. BAS can also send an email notification to the document email list identifying mailing so employers are informed when a package is sent.

In addition, a New Employee Benefits Message can be sent by email to newly hired employees. The email can be sent immediately after a newly hired employee is loaded/added in MyEnroll with a weekly/bi-weekly payroll file sent by the employer's payroll department or by a manual entry from the HR department. Follow up reminder emails can also be sent if the newly hired employee fails to enroll for benefits during the new hire enrollment period.

BAS’s streamlined new hire process can alleviate time and pressure for employers’ HR Departments, while creating a reviewable, online documentation of new hire benefits mailings.

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