BAS to Present Consolidated Billing at NACPA

Posted by Marla Roshkoff - 10 April, 2012


Next week, April 17, 2012, Arthur Taylor, President of Benefit Allocation Systems, Inc., will be speaking at the National Association of Church Personnel Administrators (NACPA) convocation in Tampa, Florida. Mr. Taylor will be presenting an overview of BAS' consolidated location billing, collection and accounts receivable management solution (Consolidated Billing). Charles Bradley, BAS' Senior Vice President for Sales & Implementation will co-present.

"Organizations with 10 or more decentralized locations have a particular need for precise consolidated billing processing. In particular, Dioceses, often with hundreds of locations, need cost-effective and efficient processes for billing and collecting health care insurance premiums, property/casualty insurance premiums, and other assessments. The billing arrangements between a Diocese and its locations can be extremely complex and nuanced, and, as such, Dioceses require sophisticated, flexible billing systems to support their unique needs. BAS’ consolidated location billing process is a proven solution across some of the largest Dioceses throughout the United States. " Mr. Taylor said.

Charles Bradley commented further “BAS' consolidated billing solution has broad implications for businesses beyond the religious sector, too. For example, we are providing this service to a venture capital firm in Texas, to bill, collect and manage the premiums from all of its equity holdings. The consolidated billing ensures that the venture capital firm can manage a master contract across many heterogeneous entities."

BAS’ consolidated location billing service takes billing administration to an entirely new, holistic level. BAS combines its online billing system and its historical reporting with services from within its account management, call center, and accounting departments. By combining hand holding account management, location call center support, and best-practices accounting, BAS delivers a cost-effective, efficient solution.

Mr. Taylor concluded, "We’ve seen remarkable results by applying our consolidated billing services within both the religious and private sectors. For example, we have been able to help one of our Archdiocesan clients move from collecting 72% of its 30-day receivables to collecting over 92% of receivables within 30-days of billing."

For more information about BAS and its consolidated billing services, contact Charles Bradley at or (800) 945-5513 ext. 2508.

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