Is This Expense FSA Eligible?

Posted by BAS - 28 June, 2012


BAS provides a comprehensive resource for determining whether or not a medical expense might be eligible for reimbursement under a health care flexible spending account.

While each employer's flexible spending account plan is unique, and an employer may limit the types of expenses eligible for reimbursement, BAS provides general information about expense reimbursement eligibility through its Eligible Expense Table. This helpful guide may be found in and provides guidance on determining eligibility for reimbursement from an FSA.

To view various medical expenses and see a discuss of potential eligibility for reimbursement, follow these instructions:

  • Select, “FSA balances and History” from the left menu
  • From here, either:

o Use the drop-down menu, under resources, to select “Eligible Expenses Table” or

o Click on the link titled, “Click Here for Our New Health Care Expense Table to Find Covered Health Care Expenses!”

Within the Expense Table, you can look scroll through or search alphabetically to locate expenses and read through explanations of eligibility. The expense table identifies expenses as: a) qualifying expense, b) potentially qualifying expense, or c) not a qualifying expense.

If you any questions about how to access the Eligible Expense Table or what documentation might be needed to substantiate a health care expense, please contact us at 800.945.5513.

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