Federal Insurance Plan To Be Announced Soon

The Affordable Care Act requires the establishment of nation-wide health insurance plans operated by the federal government. With the Obama administration given a direction for another four years, these plans will likely be implemented soon. It has been reported that the national plans are in the final stages of development.

The national insurance plans are intended to be offered through the state-based Health Insurance Exchanges beginning in 2014. They will be available to residents in each of the 50 states, and are supposed to increase competition with large, regional insurers, resulting in lower costs for consumers.

Under health care reform, at least one of the national plans must be offered by a not-for-profit entity. At least one of the plans has to offer coverage without abortion services, or at a minimum, segregate money for abortion coverage from other money running through the plan.

The national plans will be regulated by the federal government, with some state input. It is yet unclear if the national plans will be subject to individual state insurance regulations.

The Obama administration has indicated that additional details on the federal health plans will be announced soon.

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