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Posted by Marla Roshkoff - 15 February, 2012


MyEnroll.com provides a centralized location for an employer's Human Resources documents, forms and links while providing easy access for employees through the online Reference Library. An employer may customize the Reference Library to grant access to all employees, or to restrict access to specific Benefit Classes. This unique feature gives an employer the tools it needs to customize information provided to employees on a class-by-class basis.

Employers can build their own Reference Library by creating categories to easily group documents making it simple for employees to locate information. There is no limitation on the number of categories that can be created, or the number of documents or forms maintained in MyEnroll.com. Here are just a few examples of categories and what they may contain:

  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
    • FSA Plan Document
    • Frequently Asked Questions
    • How to use the Debit Card
  • Vacation
    • Vacation Policy
    • Vacation Request Form
  • Life Events
    • Life Event Matrix
    • Life Event Change Form
  • Medical
    • Medical Plan SPD(s)
    • Link to medical plan website to locate a Provider
  • Continuing Education
    • Continuing Education Policy
    • Continuing Education Reimbursement Application

The Reference Library is plan year specific, allowing an employer the ability to update documents for a new plan year in advance of open enrollment, while employees still have access to the current plan year documents.

Documents can be uploaded once and easily copied to one or all Benefit Classes and multiple categories at the same time, making it simple to easily remove and replace an outdated form or document.

For more information about creating a Reference Library, please contact PR@BASusa.com.

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